GCH 2016 Program



Wednesday, October 5


8.00 - 9.00      Registration

9,00 - 9,30      Welcome

9,30 - 10,45    Acquisition and Reconstruction [Chair: Andrea Giachetti]

Automatic selection of video frames for path regularization and 3D reconstruction - G. Pavoni, M. Dellepiane, M. Callieri, R. Scopigno (ISTI CNR, Italy)

c-Space: Time-evolving 3D models (4D) from heterogeneous distributed video sources - M. Ritz, M. Knuth, M. Domajnko, O. Posniak, P. Santos, D. Fellner (Fraunhofer IGD, Germany)

Harvesting Dynamic 3D Worlds from Commodity Sensor Clouds - T. Boubekeur, P. Cignoni, E. Eisemann, M. Goesele, R. Klein, S. Roth, M. Weinmann, M. Wimmer (Telecom ParisTech-France, ISTI CNR-Italy, TU Delft-Then Netherlands, TU Darmstadt-Germany, Universität Bonn-Germany, TU Wien, Austria), FET OPEN EU project


10,45 - 11,15    Coffee break


11.15 - 13,00  Visualisation & 3D printing [Chair: Tim Weyrich]

Multi-View Ambient Occlusion for Enhancing Visualization of Raw Scanning Data - M. Sabbadin, G. Palma, P. Cignoni, R. Scopigno (ISTI CNR, Italy)

A framework for compact and improved panoramic VR dissemination - B. Fanini, E. D’Annibale (ITABC CNR, Italy)

A Soft Union based Method for Virtual Restoration and 3D Printing of Cultural Heritage Objects - R. Gregor, P. Mavridis, A. Wiltsche, T. Schreck (TU GRAZ, Austria)

Scan4Reco: Towards the digitized conservation of Cultural Heritage Assets via spatiotemporal (4D) Reconstruction and 3D Printing - N. Dimitriou, A. Drosou, D. Tzovaras (ITI Hellas, Greece, H2020 EU project


13,00 - 14,15    Lunch


14,15 – 15.15  Invited talk: 3D imaging and Cultural Heritage - where do we stand?”, Fabio Remondino (Bruno Kessler Foundation, Trento, Italy) [Chair: Livio De Luca]


15,15 - 15,45  Coffee break


15,45 - 17,15   Heritage Communications [Chair: Karina Rodriguez Echevarria]

The Missing Scholarship Behind Virtual Heritage Infrastructures - E.M. Champion (Curtin University, Australia)

Reflecting on European history with the help of technology: The CrossCult Project - I. Lykourentzou, Y. Naudet, L. Vandenabeele (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, Luxembourg), H2020 EU project

Experience Etruria: a cross-media platform for e-culture and tourism - A. Guidazzoli, G. Bellavia, D. De Luca, M.C. Liguori, L. Castiello, A. Pirotti (CINECA, Italy)

A complete workflow from the data collection on the field to the deployment of a Virtual Museum: the case of Virtual Sarmizegetusa - A. Antal, E. Bota, C. Ciongradi, E. D’Annibale, E. Demetrescu, C. Dima, B. Fanini, D. Ferdani (National Museum of Transylvanian History, ITABC CNR, Italy)

4D Virtual Reconstruction of White Bastion Fortress - S. Rizvic, V. Okanovic, I. Prazina, A. Sadzak (University of Sarajevo, Radio Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina)


17,15 - 18,30  Special Session: 3D Mass Digitization – Future Trends, Challenges and Opportunities

      Moderators: T. Schreck (TU GRAZ, Austria); P. Santos, C. Fuhrmann (Fraunhofer IGD, Germany)


18,30     Welcome Cocktail


Thursday, October 6


9,00 - 10,30    Analysis and Interpretation [Chair: Pierre Alliez]

Wall Painting Reconstruction Using a Genetic Algorithm - E. Sizikova, T. Funkhouser (Princeton University, USA)

Feature identification in archaeological fragments using families of algebraic curves - M.L. Torrente, S. Biasotti, B. Falcidieno (IMATI CNR, Italy)

Web-based Exploration of Semantically Rich 3D Decorative Ornament - K. Rodriguez Echavarria, D. Few, R. Song (University of Brighton, UK)

2D/3D Semantic Annotation of Spatialized Images for the Documentation and Analysis of Cultural Heritage - A. Manuel, P. Veron, L. De Luca (MAP, LSIS CNRS, France)

Color Restoration of Scanned Archaeological Artifacts with Repetitive Patterns - D. Gilad-Glickman, I. Shimshoni (Haifa University, Israel)


10, 30 - 11,00    Coffee break


11,00 - 12,00    Interactive Environments and Applications (1) [Chair: Sofia Pescarin]

Interactive 3D exploration of a virtual sculpture collection: an analysis of user behavior in museum settings - M. Agus, F. Marton, F. Bettio, E. Gobbetti (CRS4, Italy)

3D in-world Telepresence With Camera-Tracked Gestural Interaction - E.M. Champion, L. Qiang, D. Lacet, A. Dekker (Curtin University-Australia, Shenyang Aerospace University-China, University Center of João Pessoa–Brazil, University of Queensland-Australia)

3-D Digital Preservation of At-Risk Global Cultural Heritage - N. Lercari, J. Shulze, W. Wendrich, B. Porter, M. Burton, T. E. Levy (University of California Merced, University of California San Diego, University of California Los Angeles, University of California Berkeley, USA), UC President’s Research Catalyst award USA project


 12,00 - 13,00    Acquisition and Visualisation [Chair: Fabio Remondino]

A Practical Reflectance Transformation Imaging Pipeline for Surface Characterization in Cultural Heritage - I.M. Ciortan, R. Pintus, G. Marchioro, C. Daffara, A. Giachetti, E. Gobbetti (Università di Verona, CRS4, Italy)

Using Flash Photography and Image Based Rendering to Document Cultural Heritage Artifacts - M. Tetzlaff, G. Meyer (University of Minnesota, USA)


 13,00-14,15    Lunch


14,15 - 15,30    Semantic-aware Representations [Chair: Michela Spagnuolo]

3D Semantic Modelling of Scale Models from 2D Historical Plans - A. Chevrier (ENSAM CRAI MAP, France)

Representation and Visualization of Urban Fabric through Historical Documents - J. Samuel, C. Perinaud, S. Servigne, G. Gay, G. Gesquière (Université de Lyon, CNRS, France)

Semantic Structuring and 3D Modeling of Masonry Structures - K. Jaquot, L. De Luca (MAP CNRS, France)


15,30 - 16,00    Coffee break


16.00 - 16,45    Invited talk: H2020 and Cultural Heritage”, Albert Gauthier (EU DG CONNECT) [Chair: Bianca Falcidieno]


16,45 - 18,15    Panel: “Computer Graphics in CH: what's beyond digitization and plain visualisation?”

Moderator: R. Scopigno (ISTI CNR, Italy) - Panelists: Livio de Luca (MAP CNRS, France), Matteo Dellepiane (ISTI CNR, Italy), Nicola Lercari (University of California Merced, USA),Tobias Schreck (TU GRAZ, Austria), Marco Agus (CRS4, Italy), Michela Spagnuolo (IMATI CNR, Italy) 


20,00     Social Event: Villa Lo Zerbino



Friday, October 7


9,00 - 10,00     Invited talk: “Inside a bag of ICT tools for Cultural Heritage: Predictive digitization, erosion modeling, reassembly and word spotting”, Ioannis Pratikakis (Democritus University of Thrace, Greece) [Chair: Chiara Eva Catalano]


10,00 - 10,30    Coffee break


10,30 - 11,30   Interactive Environments and Applications (2) [Chair: Gabriele Guidi]

Vis-a-vis with Leonardo. Designing digital encounters - M. Ceconello, D.Spallazzo (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)

Digital epigraphic heritage made simple: an Android app for exploring 3D Roman inscriptions - M. Ramirez, J.P. Suarez, A. Trujillo, P. Fernandez, J.M. Santana, S. Ortega, (Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain)

On-site AR Interface based on Web-based 3D Database for Cultural Heritage in Egypt - Y. Yasumuro, R. Matsushita, T. Higo, H. Suita (Kansai University, Japan)


11,30 - 12,45   Systems and Tools for Interpretation and Documentation [Chair: Ioannis Pratikakis]

CHER-Ob: A Tool for Shared Analysis in Cultural Heritage - W. Shi, E. Kotoula, K. Akoglu, Y. Yang, H. Rushmeier (Yale University, USA)

Conservation Digital Report: standard documentation in Cultural Heritage - L. Baratin, G. Scicolone, S. Lonati (Università di Urbino, Servonet, Italy)

3D documentation and semantic aware representation of Cultural Heritage: the INCEPTION project - R. Di Giulio, F. Maietti, E. Piaia (Università di Ferrara, Italy, H2020 EU project

GRAVITATE: Geometric and Semantic Matching for Cultural Heritage Artefacts - S.C. Phillips, P.W. Walland, S. Modafferi, L. Dorst, M. Spagnuolo, C.E. Catalano, D. Oldman, A. Tal, I. Shimshoni, S. Hermon S. Phillips (IT Innovation-UK, Universiteit van Amsterdam-The Netherlands, IMATI CNR-Italy, Technion-Israel, University of Haifa-Israel, STARC_Cyprus), H2020 EU project

ArchAIDE: Archaeological Automatic Interpretation and Documentation of cEramics - M.L. Gualandi, R. Scopigno, L. Wolf, J. Richards, J. Buxeda i Garrigos, M. Heinzelmann, M.A. Hervas, L. Vila, M. Zallocco (Università di Pisa-Italy, ISTI CNR-Italy, Tel Aviv University-Israel, Archaeology Data Service-UK, Universitat de Barcelona-Spain, University of Cologne-Germany, Baraka Archaeologos-Spain, Elements - Centre de gestio i difusio de Patrimonio Cultural-Spain, Inera-Pisa), H2020 EU project


12,45 - 14,00    Lunch


14,00 - 15,00    Acquisition and Processing [Chair: Pedro Santos]

Toward a multimodal photogrammetric acquisition and processing methodology for monitoring conservation and restoration studies - A. Pamart, O. Guillon, J. M. Vallet, L. De Luca (MAP CNRS, CICRP, France)

Accelerating range image cleaning - R. Mulder, P. Marais (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

3D object spatial- consistent texture maps appropriate for 2D image processing - G. Ioannakis, C. Chamzas, A. Koutsoudis G. Ioannakis, A. Koutsoudis, C. Chamzas, A. Koutsoudis (Democritus University of Thrace, Athena Research and Innovation Centre, Greece)

Interdisciplinary dialogue towards an enhanced understanding of optical techniques for recording material Cultural Heritage – results of a COST Action - F. Boochs, A. Bentkowska-Kafel, S. Wefers (University of Applied Sciences of Mainz-Germany, King’s College London-UK), EU COST Transdomain Action


 15,00 - 15,30   Awards and Conclusions



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